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Why Go Cup?

Every time you buy a takeaway drink, you receive a cup, a lid, a stirring stick, a straw, a sleeve or plastic bag. The 5 minutes that you’ve used to consume your drink equals to the life span of these takeaway items, and into the landfill they go, taking decades or even much longer period of time to break down.

Think about the resources used here. We chop down trees and melt plastic pellets to make single-use cups that are non-recyclable. We simply cannot afford this convenience at the expense of our planet.

Let us say goodbye to disposable cups today and bring our own cup. Let’s Go Cup together!

In Autumn 2016, Smiley Planet initiated Project “Go Cup" in collaboration and with full support from Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation, promoting the habit of bring your own cup in Hong Kong. We also invite food & beverage outlets to get involved, making it easier for customers to Go Cup!

Sponsor - Standard Chartered 150th Anniversary Community Foundation

In 2009, Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited issued the Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Commemorative Charity Banknote – the first banknote in $150 denomination in the world - to celebrate the Bank's 150 years of presence in Hong Kong. Dedicated to the people who have contributed to the development of Hong Kong, net proceeds from the sale of the Commemorative Charity Banknote have been donated to the "Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation", established in 2009, in support of the local community and charities.

Green Partner - Smiley Planet

Witnessing the erosion of crops farming and material wastage, we are surrounded by environmental destructions with negative impacts. Smiley Planet believes and pursues the way of sustainable urban living in order to make our planet smile again. We engage in activities that promote sustainable urban living lifestyle by taking care of the well being of ourselves and our planet.

  1. Urban farm set up
  2. Farming workshops – Green B Programme
    (Our self initiating programme tailor made for children aged from 4 to 7)
  3. Promotion of sustainable urban living through public engagement programmes, including exhibitions, events and more.

Let’s make our planet smile again.